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DES RIVES is a study of architectural atmospheres and impacts of the city.


We believe that architecture and urban planning would benefit significantly from the addition of a tour vision to the atmosphere of the place and its impact. Similarly, research in architecture enriches its contents when the regulatory concept of the built environment leads to innovative concepts and lead to "better living together". Indeed, this comprehensive and multi-sensory vision, produced by a study of the atmosphere, generates different forms of relationship between space and individual.

Through this study, we hope to contribute to the challenge of designing the living space of the future.


The atmosphere can not be described other than from experience, both of the user that the researcher. The research methodology was modulated by a descriptive and sized (or proportionate) architectural approach. We also use a participatory approach to the atmosphere of the shared space. Both approaches aim to better understand the influence of context, from our nomadic roots to the densest cities of our planet.


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