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Sandrine Damour is an architect graduated from ESAIL (Lyon) in 2011. She is the co-founder of the Largescalestudios association in Carouge (GE) in which she initiated the first phase of DES RIVES project as part of a project team.

She also participated in the Empower Shack workshop organised by ETH of Zurich. During this project, the students had to construct a housing prototype for an informal area in Cape Town (South Africa).


She worked for Geneva A3 Architects agency, on various projects of construction and renovation in Geneva and abroad. Among these projects, the redevelopment of a residential area in Eaux-vives to support the establishment of CEVA, research work on modular space and ecological cardboard for the multinational Tetra Pak in Brazil or the design of Shawish jewelery shops in Dubai.

Interested in the wealth of foreign experience, she collaborated in 2010 with two agencies specialized in luxury hotels, RPW Design in London on Aloft Abu Dhabi and SM design in Paris on the Hyatt in Morocco.

In 2009, in the workshop of Michael Joannidis in Montreal, she was recognized for a competition launched by the University of Montreal for the requalification of an underground pedestrian area within the university.

Prior to her architectural studies, she obtained a business degree in Belfort, covering a broad range of commercial techniques.

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